The story of one recording

“Movement in silence.”

It is an album that is very important to me. First of all, because it is a departure from the fingerstyle convention. At least in my understanding.
Second, because it is opposed to the modern model of music production.

But from the beginning.

The album is one coherent musical story. It consists of 10 songs but it is like one long song. That is why you should listen to this album as a whole, from beginning to end.

This music is my meditation. This is my tribute to simplicity. There is a lot of essence here. Little form but a lot of content.

This album was made over the course of several years. When I say that it was created over a period of several years, I mean that the way of playing was created for several years.

The recording of the album itself took only a moment. There was only one track. I sat down, played it from start to finish once and it was done. In production, nothing was added or improved. This album is unedited. That’s what I wanted. It was important to me. This is honest and 100% true footage of the moment. This is my opposition to modern production. Today it’s not recorded like that anymore. Today, music is produced like any other product. That’s why music is dead. It has no inner life. It is often over-intellectualized.

I am convinced that by listening to the album “Movement in Silence” from the beginning to the end, the listener will be able to feel this music as much as I did when it was created.

Anyway. Enjoy listening!  Listen or download “Movement in Silence” here

Review about this album:

“Piotr’s music instantly puts you in a state where you forget about everyday life. A lot of space and breath, as well as the full and natural sound of the guitar make you listen absolutely. These experiences accompanied me throughout the entire work on the album and I hope that they will also be your / your participation / the participation of all listeners “MAGDALENA PIOTROWSKA | HEAR CANDY MASTERING

“Piotr Krępeć is an Artist with a capital A. His sensitivity, artistry and dedication to this demanding Muse are enormous. Piotr is the key-keeper, and his music opens a hitherto unknown door through which, like Alice, we discover the richness of our souls. Its notes charm, seduce, lead you to where the Great Water ends “- KRIS GÓRSKI | AUDIOPLANET STUDIO

“Movement in Silence”

Solo acoustic baritone guitar.
Live session – tuned 432Hz
Produced by KMC
Nagranie i mix: Kris Górski, 26 kwietnia 2018
Mastering: Magdalena Piotrowska
Artwork: Przemek Kozak
© & (P) KMC 2018
Distribution by KMC