My way of meditation

Something about my way of meditation.

Much has been written about spirituality. I would like to talk about the meditation that my music led me to.

When I was a kid I used to play guitar because I just liked it. It was fun. It was just played for fun.
After many years, I realized that music had a different function in my life. It’s not about entertainment anymore. It’s not about having fun. After all, playing guitar is still a place for me to have fun. But the main difference is that the music I play puts me in a meditative state. It brings the mind into a state of meditation.

This state is timeless. There is no “ego”. It is continuing at the present time. After many years, playing the guitar led me to this state. I call it my meditation path.

Of course, it is very difficult to describe it all in words. Nevertheless – on this page I will try to talk about it a bit. I discuss this topic in detail in my book, which I hope will be communicatively translated into English.

Anyway. My way to meditation is through music. I will not talk about meditation in any other context than in the context of my guitar playing.